14-17 R / Space4Geography


Forschungsprojekt: Learning to understand the earth – Using modern satellite image technology for earth observation for adolescents (Space4Geography)


Projektleitung: Prof. Dr. Alexander Siegmund (Heidelberg)

Projektmitarbeiter: Dr. Nils Wolf, Vera Fuchsgruber, Guido Riembauer

Assoziiertes Projektmitglied: Dr. Kathrin Viehrig (Modul „Tsunami“)

Förderinstitution deutscher Teil: DLR (2013-2017)

Projektzeitraum: 2014 – 2017

KurzbeschriebThe project aims at developing an adaptive learning platform ( with 10 modules, in which students can learn to answer geographic questions with the help of remote sensing. The platform uses RapidEye and TerraSar-X images as well as the web-based software BLIF. The project is accompanied by research.
I started with consulting within the project in 2014. Since 2015, I’m working on developing one of the learning modules within the project, which will deal with the topic ‘Tsunamis’.

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F&E-Kontext in der Professur:

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