15ff pretest/ Decisions in pre-service teacher ed


Forschungsprojekt:  Decisions in pre-service teacher education


Projektleitung: Dr. Kathrin Viehrig

Förderinstitution: –

Projektzeitraum: September 2015 – ongoing

KurzbeschriebThis is an ongoing small educational design research study accompanying my teaching. Besides improving the local courses, the project aims at investigating decision-making processes in pre-service teacher education and their consequences, contributing to the empirical base for the theory (design principles) on pre-service geography teacher education.

  • Choice of spatial examples
  • Choice of topics, methods and modes of differentiation (in cooperation with Dr. Dominik Sauerländer and Dr. Gaby Sutter)
  • Impacts of geography education research on lesson planning

F&E-Kontext in der Professur:

Fritz, J.M., Gutherz, R., Hutter, C., Krummenacher, S., Skrzypczak, D., Studer, L., Viehrig, K. (2018): Auswahl von Raumbeispielen durch Geografie- bzw. RZG-Lehrkräfte: ein Studierendenprojekt im Rahmen des Moduls “Spezifische Aspekte geografiedidaktischer Forschung”.
PH FHNW, Windisch. http://www.gesellschaftswissenschaften-phfhnw.ch/

Viehrig, K. (2017). Pre-service geography teachers’ voices on the choice of spatial examples. Results from the first year of an educational design research study. Journal of Research and Didactics in Geography.