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Friday October 2 2015
14.00 Welcome


Marko Demantowsky: Our understanding of „Public History“ in international perspective

15.00 Public History in the classroom (public access)
Teaching, learning, and understanding of Public History in schools as challenge for students and teachers

16.30 Coffee Break

16.50 School as an institution of public history (public access)

Influence of schools on local public history | Influence of the school system on national varieties of public history | Teachers as public history agents | Interactions of schools with museums, memorial institutions, broadcasting institutions etc.

18.20 Apéro

19.00 Keynote
Serge Noiret (Florence, Italy): Why Public History and Digital History is a valid and vital marriage internationally?

20.00 Dinner (on invitation only)

Saturday October 3 2015

09.00 School in Public History (public access)

History policies, political opinion making and ideas on school and its history lesson as projections of sustainable history power

10.30 Coffee Break

11.00 Roundtable (public access)
The future of public history – what shall we teach perspectively?

12.00 Closing: Marko Demantowsky


13.30 #OA Publishing as Public History Practice (Editorial Meeting 2015, closed)

Theory, empiricism, and experiences of publishing an OA „blog journal“
Exchange of experiences and ideas in writing „Initials“ for PHW

  • Annual Report on 2014/2015 by Marko Demantowsky
  • Remarks on editorial work by Jan Hodel, Marco Zerwas.
  • Discussion and consulting

15.00 End

Venue: The conference will take place at:

Pädagogische Hochschule FHNW
Institut Sek I und II
Riehenstrasse 154
4058 Basel

You can find the venue here on Google Maps.